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AZEN Korea

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( Model Number : TB Series )
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It is a very practical concept, which offers an infinite variety of display mounting options, using quality hardware components available in numerous finishes.

* Application;

-  Indoor mounting of display panels

-  Architectural signs

-  Directional and informational signage

-  Company directories, and other decorative applications etc.


* Advantage

We have 20years experience of pure gold–plating technology. Exclusive use of brass, or high-grade aluminum polished, anodized to bright chrome, white or black finish makes it great looking, timeless, and yet aesthetic effective.


-Flexible and elegant

Flexible to meet your requirements. Signs of any width or height can be combined to create the desire effect.

-Effectiveness & Harmony

Continuity among all parts. Harmony is achieved with a consistent approach to setting, color, typeface, material and form.


Perfectly mounted signs that are sure to get notice. Clearly communicate your message or service.

-Unlimited Creativity

Make a strong design statement.

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